Get the Support You Need for Your Project

Get the Support You Need for Your Project

Turn to the experts at Patriot Rentals

Managing an oilfield project can be challenging if your equipment isn’t working properly, or if you don’t have the right operators in place. Fortunately, Patriot Rentals is here to help make sure your project runs smoothly. We bring over 60 years of combined experience—along with quality equipment and oilfield management experts—to offshore and inland projects throughout Opelousas, LA. Rely on us to provide the management, equipment and support that you need for your oilfield project.

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Don’t put your trust in an inexperienced company

Water filtration, high pressure pumps, hoses and advanced equipment designs are difficult to manage on your own. Don’t compromise your oilfield project by attempting to deal with equipment issues yourself, or end up putting your project in the wrong hands.

Patriot Rentals has been providing quality solutions and support to oilfield clients since 2006. We’ve worked hard to establish a team with extensive experience and the right skillset. Rest easy knowing that we have the knowledge and resources to keep your project moving forward.

If you’ve been searching for a qualified company to provide equipment rentals, maintenance, repair or operators for your offshore or inland projects, you’ve come to the right place. Call 337-948-6868 today to discuss your project with Patriot and we’ll determine the best options to address your oilfield needs.

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